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The pinnacle of gaming goodness. Prof Chaos' are the |337est beings to walk the planet and pwn any nubs that stand in their way.
I was fraggin nubs, then Prof Chaos came and nubbed my n00b ass cuz I stank balls.
by Joe Dirt January 05, 2004
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CS player who brings uber pwnage to all the n00bz at school and in the world! He brings chaos to any server he is in. Uber Pwnage player, ProfChaos, is feared at the sound of his name! His original cs name was MeisterWong when he first began. The name was similar to that of MastaWang who was the uberest of all the cs players known to our school and people used to say he stole the name, when infact Meister means perfect in German, or Master in the English and wong and wang are two different things. But as it came MeisterWong changed his name to the envied ProfChaos.
"Omfg ProfChaos!!! Your hacking arent you!!!!!!" - N00B
"lol! Me hack? Not my fault your a n00b" - ProfChaos
"Never! MUhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah!!! 7#3 \/\/007|\|355 has arrived! Bring on the PWNAGE!!!" - ProfChaos
by ProfChaos December 03, 2004
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