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The malicious marketing and social control strategy where corporations pay the media to make everyone consider themselves so superior they will feel disgusted of most other people and stop interacting with them. With their social interaction skills atrophied, the only way they can satisfy their innate need to interact with others is by consuming products.
Though he had read every book on his wall-to-wall bookshelf and was exceptionately intelligent, like most Americans, product-produced isolation had gotten him to only interact with his family members, rarely interact with other human beings, and satisfy his innate need to interact with others by purchasing products—such as his automobile, from which he came to derive his, in reality, dwindling self-esteem, identity and health by not walking. He also purchased one of the most powerful revolvers, books, watches, and other things, some of which he collected. But all that only led to his declining mental state, and to feel good he became an alcoholic. After attending Alcoholics Anonymous for a number of years, he stopped drinking and became an expensive cigar addict.
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by Spot Tricks August 09, 2018
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