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The comical marketing and social control strategy where corporations pay the media to make everyone consider themselves so superior they will feel disgusted of most other people and stop interacting with them and satisfy their innate need to interact with others by overconsuming products, and simultaneously feel so inferior they will buy products to raise their self-esteem and improve their identity. Thus, selling consumers products which satisfy their emotional needs have become as profitable as those which satisfy their physical needs.
He had read every book on his wall-to-wall bookshelf and was exceptionally intelligent, but like perhaps many Americans, Product-Induced Isolation and Identity got him to only interact with his family members, have only one or no friends, rarely interact with other human beings, and satisfy his innate need to interact with others by purchasing productsβ€”such as his automobile, from which he came to derived his self-esteem and identity, or his computer and mobile device which essentially replace in-person human interaction. To top it all of, he just got his master's degree online in Mass Humbuggery and Manipulation.
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by Spot Tricks August 09, 2018
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