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Someone who talks about weed non-stop, and stresses about how much pot they smoke and how it should be legalized. They will carry on a conversation about weed even when you're not on that subject. They also try to get you to smoke pot even if you tell them several times you're not interested. This will carry on forever, they don't ever shut the fuck up. You can try and stop them but it's a waste of time.
How a typical conversation with one goes
Pretentious Stoner:"Aw man I got so high last night, I just sat there and listened to music. Then my mom called and I got paranoid! Dude you don't even know that was the scariest moment of my life."
Me: " That's great."
Pretentious Stoner: " Hey man how come you don't wanna smoke weed?"
Me: "I don't really want to, is that a problem?"
Pretentious Stoner: "Man you suck you're just a sheep."
by Joeseph Kony October 01, 2013
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