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Before reaching the point of 'swag' some bitch niggers experience premature swagulation. Meaning they have not yet acheived any swag.. These people believe they have attained some level of swag in their lives.. but they are delusional... and clearly lack any and all forms of swag.
Noun: Premature Swagulator

Swagless Nigger
Example 1:
(Man walks by in 1998 K-Swiss sneakers, tall white socks, and a matching purple Hanes sweat outfit.. complements of Walmart.. Go Ravens, and a dollar store bought gold chain)

Man: "Ayyyee babygirl, you look beautiful today.. anyone ever tell you you a blessing?"

Girl turns to friend and says: "I know that man did not just hit on me. Woahder.. Premature Swagulation. Ew"

Example 2:
"Get your 31 year old, 2 baby mama having, 84' honda civic driving, plastic rim spinning, gold chain rusting, front teeth missing ass away from me.. you premature swagulator!"
by Lolo and Lay October 07, 2011
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