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hell. literal hell. the worst place ever. where PE teachers yell at you until you vomit/cry, science teachers are horrible (especially the 8th grade science teacher on team Freedom), and the message of togetherness is blabbered on about so much that you want to die. don't go here. worst place in Johnson county. filled with white racist, sexist, trump supporting assholes who only care about fucking the popular girls and their $100 fidget spinners, and idiotic, unhelpful administrators/counselors that tell you to shove your feelings down so they can be lazy and get their next paycheck. graduated from this hellhole in 2017, and never going back.
"yo man have you ever been to Prairie Trail middle school?"
"nah bro, that place is worse than hell. I'd rather fuck a cactus"
by turtlemom June 15, 2017
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