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A form of experimental/industrial noise music distinguished from others by a semblance of rhythm and the presence of coherent vocals intended to carry a message. It is often used as an outlet for obsessions such as crime (as in the band Slogun, for example), and extreme political views; Thee Grey Wolves, for example, named themselves after a Turkish terrorist faction and convey an ostensibly anarchist message.

While the differences between standard experimental noise and power electronics are highly debatable, the differences usually include ones already stated, the types of noises used (e.g. "white noise" vs. "pink noise"), and the presence of themes in power electronics.

The origins may include, but are certainly not limited to, the famous self described "extreme electronic" group Whitehouse, who used their music as an outlet for their interest in mass murder, dictatorship, sexual violence, etc. , and early {Industrial band SPK, who proposed, in one of their "dokuments," that noise could be used to induce sensory and mental information overload to break down everyday rational modes of thought and lead the listener to new experiences and possibilities in thought.
1.The band Con-Dom uses its power electronics to explore the themes of CONtrol and DOMination in various dimensions of human experience.

2. The band Genocide Organ uses its power electronics to convey an intentionally unclear message about Germany in a geopolitical context.
by IntestinePoet April 21, 2006
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