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A euphemistic term used by females to warn of the release of an air biscuit or, in extremis, a grierson.
Mrs Grierson's visit, with her gift of Pot Pourri, was most unwelcome.
by Philmadison October 17, 2005
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A substance that immitates marijuana. Literally, it's potpourri, with chemicals added that produce a sweet smelling and great tasting high. Some people have been known to trip on this, if given enough. It's also been known to give headaches, and I've even heard of people having seizures from it, though I never have. It loves me, and I love it right back. Also known as "pope". Potpourri is completely legal and so far, undetectable in any kind of test. Side effects are same as marijuana. It comes in different flavors and concentrations. The more powerful the pope, the more expensive it can be. For the cheap kind, runs $15 a gram, expensive kind is up to $45 a gram.
AYyy dude, you got some pope we can toke? XD

That new potpourri stuff.. my favorite flavor is orange crush. It's XXX!
by SOOOHIGH December 13, 2010
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Incense that many young probationers have turned to smoking in order to induce an apparent 'marijuana like' high. Probationers love it because it will not make them fail a drug test. Made up of chemicals likely produced in a Monsanto lab.

Fake weed, likely many times more harmful than marijuana.

Collected urine crystals from an actual marijuana smoker, sprinkled over some nasty spices, mixed with dog shit, and then sold to 15 year old kids for an exorbitant price and untold cost to their bodies.

The result of prohibition.
Adam "Yo, my stupid ass cousin is smoking that toxic ass potpourri again."

Joe "Is he stupid? Or is he on probation"

Adam "Evidently, both"
by Adam4204200420 November 29, 2011
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A largely unknown Welsh gang prevalent in the 90's who took amsterdam by storm. Potpourri's major rivals (the creme brulei) were also present for the debauchery which was experienced in that small but extremely memorable era.

Potpourri members frequently reported experiencing visits from divine beings such as small fish in fast food restaurants.
"Damn, those potpourri guys really took it to those creme brulei!"
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