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It is the sinking feeling one experiences approximately 5-10 minutes after posting something on facebook that is too personal, sounds psychotic, is overtly passive-aggressive, or just plain inappropriate AND is likely to subject that person to pity, scorn, and worse of all, embarassing comments to follow.
After Janie posted as her facebook status, "The Tim Tebow superbowl ad really brought up some bad memories," she immediately had post-post regret.


Jim had major post-post regret after he commented that his ex looked just as amazing in her profile pic as she does EVERY night in his dreams. He especially felt the sting of post-post regret as her friends comments of "stalker" were followed by his ex promptly deleting and blocking him. At least he didn't mention the life size cardboard cut out he still had in his room, of his ex, at his mom's house.
by sour puss the first February 09, 2010
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