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Similar to the turkey dump phenomenon among high school students, the post-college dump is both similar and different to its younger equivalent. It is, sadly, a relatively common occurence, but for some reason it is not widely discussed.

Its origins usually begin around the last year of college, when couples who are in steady relationships realize that their lives are heading in different directions, i.e. their dream jobs are in different cities, both get accepted to different grad schools, or the older one graduates and the younger one still has a few years to go. The two lovers cannot bear to be parted from one another, so they agree to a long-distance relationship. It rarely works out, largely due to the same reasons as the turkey dump (new environment + new dating pool = wandering eye).

In some cases, one partner will make the ultimate sacrifice and drop out of their school or decline a job offer in the interest of being with their sweetie pie - which can lead to bitterness and resentment down the road.
Guy: I love you, college girlfriend. We’re going to be so happy after we graduate in Montreal, where I’ve gotten a dream job.
Girl: Oh…I wanted to go to grad school in Florida. Let’s have a long distance relationship.
Guy: Good idea.
(They do. Cut to a few months later)
Guy: Yeesh, I’m sick of having phone dates with my girlfriend while everyone else is going out for drinks. Plus, I want to talk to that hot co-worker of mine. I’m dumping my college girlfriend.
Girl: Damn post-college dump...
by awesomo1111 November 19, 2009
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