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a post grunge pill head is a person who used to be a grunger who as they got older, broadend their musical taste, from being all about thrashing guitars, to liking drum n bass and electro beats from artists such as 2 many dj's and the klaxons. If you can hear the sound of ambulances, wailing cats and repetitive singing (like somebody is accidently leaning on the sound keyboard) coming from your son/brother/boyfriends (insert applicable) room, it is most likely that he too is a post grunge pill head.

The post grunge pillhead will have no qualms about letting you know that you are a grunger.

Post grunge pillheads will most probably be part of woodcraft. Dont even get me started on that one.
Jack: Letty you're a grunger.
Letty: How am i a grunger?
Jack: Becasue dont totally like the klaxons.
Letty: Yeah thats because the Klaxons are fucking awful.
Jack: Oh my God! How can you not like this song?! The klaxons are totally yah!
Letty: Shut up. You're a post grunge pill head.
by GrrrMcUnger January 24, 2007
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