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Acronym is pbb, (also known as privileged basic bitch). The basic bitch has evolved to a level where she thinks she can escape stereotyping. She's wrong. The post basic bitch may:
buy room decor from urban outfitters
listen to kygo
be upper middle class white
like weed but not hard drugs (might try molly once at ezoo)
have tumblr
wear brandy mellvile
use afterlight for editing
workout in nike frees
own a canada goose
have had ombre hair summer 2012
have a cartilage piercing
like astrology
aspire to have one tattoo on wrist or ribs
want to study abroad in Europe
have “good vibes” anything
lovee juice bars
instagram their brunch
<3 avocado toast
go to soul cycle
“love food”
be a vegetarian for 3 months
ask for a polaroid for christmas
use disposable cameras
have string lights in room
wear free people
have gone to/ is going to ultra/ezoo/edc
have a triangl bikini
own mirrored sunglasses
frequent uber user
recently set up soundcloud
have a “chill vibes” playlist on Spotify
say “baii”
drink fiji/smart/boxed water
drink vita coco coconut water
"lovee winnnne"
Rebecca: "Mena is such a post basic bitch- she's wearing a Canada goose and drinking coconut water"
Saria: "Yeah, did you see her new mirrored sunglasses?"
by xoxoxoxoxoxx March 16, 2015
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