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A pork farmer is a person who grows pork and keeps it on their body. Possibly in preparation for harvest. Although the reason for so much fat growth is not defined here.

The reason the term is 'pork farmer' and not some other meat word (such as 'beef farmer') is because 'pork' relates to porky which can be as defined in the urban dictionary but is also related to 'porky the pig' who is a fat cartoon pig with enough human mannerisms to make him like a small fat human. Human flesh is also said to taste like pork so 'pork' is the most appropriate meat word for this term.

To recognise a 'pork farmer' is easy. You will find that this term is easily integrated into your vocabulary.
ahh, haa, look at that 'pork farmer' - do a dance for us fat boy...
by Professor of new English June 21, 2005
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