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Also called porge and feathering this punishment is reserved for those geeks who, knowingly or not, dropped a spoiler or caused mass casualties in a community. Proper technique includes using DeadPool juice for an adhesive but raccoon sperm could also be used in a pinch. Porge feathers are extracted using only the force and a paper shredder which also helps control their population.
Yo! Did you hear theirs a porge and feathering going on outside the theater? I guess some dousche nozzel is walking around playing Last Christmas and saying something about Luke at the end of episode 8. Grab a raccoon and funnel let’s get down there!!!
I’d say we porg and feather that little bastard for replacing the Lora Croft look a likes with those fat girls trying to strip at the company picnic
by Porgthis April 21, 2018
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