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Italian equivalent of 'Misery, you bitch' can find it in the old black and white Italian movies of the 1950s. Porca means female pig, dirty female, bitch, and miseria is misery in the socio-economic sense - poverty, adversity etc.
Can also be used as a in: I work all day and earn una porca miseria for my efforts.
He's walking under a snow storm, soaked, freezing saying out loud: Porca miseria, I can't even get myself a hot drink...
by mariangela ezponda March 16, 2007
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Italian for miserable pig. I just like how it sounds, especially when you put crazy stress on the POR and SER syllables. (PORca miSERia).
Its fun to use while driving, because most people wont know what youre saying. Beware of mafia.
by Bleach November 28, 2004
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