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when one takes a massive bowel movement on a downtown city street. he proceeds to let the dump rot in its own filth, until worms or crabs (in special occasions) begin to infest the terd. a homeless man then scoops up the terd thinking it is a tenderly cooked steak ripe for the picking. he takes the dookie and goes to the tallest building in his town and proceed to singe the butt brownie. it should turn black and begin to bubble cooking the anal pie. he proceeds to dine on the delectable dookie.
1. dude he eats poormans spaghetti like i eat taco bell.

2. Child: Mom! I don't wanna eat this, it looks like poor mans spaghetti!

3. Hey, youve had a long day, y dont i whoop us up some poor mans spaghetti!

4. The hobo was unaware of what he was getting into, when he realized, that when he bit into his poor mans spaghetti it tasted as if a yeti had produced his bubbling hellish hershie bar.
by i <3 poor mans spaghetti July 10, 2008
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