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where one has a longing for pooping so much they make their entire life out to be some what of a shit fest and tell everyone about how much they love to shit. They have many fecal matter smeared all over the toilet and sometimes deny that they have to poop and then laugh in front of less fortunate people that don't have to poop at the time. Many people with pooping syndrome get diagnosed by their selves in their own home. The leftover people with the pooping syndrome tend to believe that they are in fact the shit and tell everyone that until they are diagnosed by a highly skilled professional: AKA a proctologist. Many people dont relate to people with pooping syndrome because of one or more of the following facts about the people with pooping syndrome:
1. pooping syndrome people often dont wash their hands after they wipe, whether they get any fecal matter on their hands or not.
2. pooping syndrome people definitely have to poop in public places often(part of the syndrome) and fart very loud when doing so.
3. people with the syndromE also plan their poops and most of them hate to poop at home unless there are a lot of people around. Most of the time they just have to migrate the the most populated areas and take a shadoobie just to get their poop out and be inappropriate with their farting.
4. people with this syndrome also tend to have wet farts a lot aka THE SHART.
5. they also fart on their hands as much as they can and then prepare food and shove pre-poops into their mouths with their dirty hands.
by the scene queen October 22, 2009
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