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A very rare and dangerous animal that can be found in parts of Brazil, Turkey, and South Dakota. This creatures shits can way upwards of 7000 pounds . Its poops are extremely deadly and so far has claimed 45 lives since they started keeping track back in 1979. If you every run into one of these monsters run as fast as you can but chances are you are going to have a poopie death.
"Holy shit run its a poop troll!"

"South Dakota has asked for goverment aid after a poop troll took a 10,000 pound shit on the capital building"
by Mr.McCunty April 05, 2009
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A lumpy, impish creature that watches you while you poop with its angry frown. Known to make quite akward, if eye contact is made, uncontrollable shitting will follow until contact is broken by the troll.
"Dude!! You were in there forever!!!"

"I know... the Poop Troll got me"
by Bigcitydawg March 22, 2010
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