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is the practice of stimulating the man's penis solely through use of the woman's vaginal muscles.
the albanian woman used pompoir to please her boyfriend.
by Lauren Rivas November 16, 2007
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Use of the vaginal muscles to milk the penis. Linguistically, this is a French corruption (via the Portuguese) of the original Tamil place-name Pahmpur or Pampur, which is the Dravida Kurumba Pulayam city where this esteemed practise originated.
Thus, 2 scholars note: "POMPOIR POWER: The voluntary control of the circumvaginal muscles during sexual intercourse is known as pompoir ("pahm-pour") in the Tamil language of Southern India. According to authors Herbert & Roberta Otto, a popular mythology developed around this ability in the United States between 1930 & 1950. Popular sexual literature made much of this ability under the name 'snapping pussy,' which in the South was called 'snapping turtle.'" ('Sexual Energy Ecstasy: A Practical Guide to Lovemaking Secrets of the East & West' David & Ellen Ramsdale. NY: Bantam Books, 1993, p 91)

Also, "The strength of a woman's vaginal muscles count much more than the size of her vagina. In Asia & elsewhere, skilled female lovers developed their PC muscles to the point where they could grip, milk, & make any man's penis orgasm without any other movement.// The Tamils of Southern India called this skill of vagina muscle control pompoir. In the Arabic world, a woman who had mastered the use of her PC muscles during sex was the 'kabbazah' or 'holder.' In these places & elsewhere, female love skills were honored, respected & revered." ('Female Ejaculation' Somraj Pokras, Jeffre TallTrees. NY: Ulysses Press, 2008, p 201)
1) "The best Indian accomplishment, the full pompoir, comes from the Tamil South, & unfortunately isn't taught in the texts, though the devadasis learned it from their mothers." ('The Joy of Sex' Alex Comfort. ill. ed. NY: Crown, 1986, p 192)

2) Pompoir is also known as Andhra Sex due to its prevalence in Coromandel: "The Andhra woman oversteps the bounds of decent behaviour & loves coarse manners - she becomes sick with passion, is an adept at the 'mare's coitus' (vādavaka, le pompoir) & is very gentle." ('The Koka Shastra: Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka and Other Medieval Indian Writings on Love' tr. Alex Comfort. NY: Stein & Day, 1965, p.122)

3) A sexologist adds, "Pompoir. A Tamil term for the technique(s) of using the female pelvic floor muscles for the enhancement of pleasure &/or control of timing during sexual union. // Richard Burton's translation of the Ananga Ranga includes the following quote concerning the art of pelvic floor potential: 'She must ever strive to close & constrict the yoni until it holds the lingam, as with a finger, opening & shutting at her pleasure, & finally acting as the hand of the Gopala-girl, who milks the cow. This can be learned only by long practice, & especially by throwing the will into the part affected.' Mastery of the technique is helpful in imsak & is required for a woman to be a kabbazah." 'Vedic Sexual Code' Swami Ram Charran. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2007, p 252.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza June 30, 2012
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