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Someone who is very addicted to pokémon and turns anything they see into something pokémon related.
Pokétrash person: Oh look! A red, yellow, green and blue car next to each other! Just like the trainers!
by DerpRunner October 07, 2016
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pokemon fan lives and breaths everything pokemon, like the weeb trash, it pokes fun of itself for the amount of pkmn trivia and knowledge over the fandom.

poketrash loves the anime, manga, videogames, trading cards, collects plushies, figures and most likely cosplays and attends official events.

Poketrash fans sometimes use these titles to describe themselves

professors, masters, veteran trainers or pokemaniacs, they are very prideful of being pkmn fans, doesn't care what you think if them.

Does not get along well with gunwunners but is willing to teach them the ways of the poketrash.

If you ever encounter one, you'll most likely get get asked poketrivia
This is a form of shit testing to see on what level of a fan you are, will likely ask whats your favorite pokemon or generation of games.
Any true poketrash fan will struggle with this answer unless they give a very solid answer.
Most likely will try to shit test you by asking what you think of red/ash to see if you know the difference. Or IV EV.

Poketrash fans are not mean, but they fall in either super outgoing or super introverted, but both seek out people like themselves. Cause they love real fans. follows every meme or fanpage.

Pkmn master is overrated, I'm poketrash tier!!!
Loves everything pokemon! Not just pikachu.
I love pokemon so much! I think I'll go buy more pokemon center items for my poketrash self!
by Skyefx2 January 16, 2018
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