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1) Point Blank. Short form: RP. It is a gang in Toronto, based and created from the first largest housing projects in all of Regent Park (Jungle City) one click not to fuck wit. (can be spoted by there colore's: Dark Blue, Grey and Black.)

2) Dope as FUCK! rap group. With such rappers as: Kidd, Trouble ect. Free Flaker.
1) "Regent Park where you at? What? Jungle City? oh ye ye, PB where you at? What? damn skippy you be runnin over tho's AA and CP bitches! ye South Side Park Land, Point Blank in ya Face ya HEARD!!

2) "These criminal's carry Glocks, These criminal's are driving Irok's with numbers on top, These criminal's are wearin bullet proff vests, These criminal's have Police marked on there Chest" -Point Blank (these Criminals)
by [Point]Classified[Blank] August 29, 2005
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