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A song that came out on Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2. The godly hard remix by 2MB.

It's BPM changes from a slow 100 BPM to an outrageous 800 BPM. Players die from the massive number of crossovers and from the 800 BPM stream that the song has. The worse part is that it combines that fucking speed with the continuous rain of crossovers. Whoever can clear this song on Expert or Challenge must be a god.

Considered by most players to be the hardest song on DDR yet. No one can finish it without raping the bar.

Basic - 12, Difficult - 14, Expert - 17, Challenge - 18
I saw a DDR fanatic yesterday, and my gosh did he finish Pluto Relinquish on Expert! Though he raped the bar pretty bad...
by DDRPlaya February 09, 2010
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