(1) Someone who tries to screw with your game when you're trying to score on a member of the opposite sex.

(2) Someone who's jealous of your success, ususally sexual success

This is the opposite of a wingman
My friend went and told Sasha that I was sleeping with Erica, then told Erica that I was sleeping with Sasha. What a player hater.

Just 'cause he's not a player doesn't mean he has to be a player hater
by Cauchy November 08, 2005
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-someone who interferes with flirting behavior, or questions a player for his actions tward the opposite sex.
Mellisa, I hope you know he's honestly just trying to get in your pants, period. / What were you talking about with Jen over there? You don't know anything about her!
by CHRISNXR March 11, 2004
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a person who does not accept a fist bump when offered one
Nick: Dude, that guy just turned down my fist bump

Matt: That guy is such a playerhater
by that epic dude May 04, 2011
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A jealous guy who would cokblock and be a bad sport trying to ruin the chances of others spitting game to a girl since they can't get no play. Also known as a cockblocker who would prevent you from getting anywhere with a female.
you are taling to a girl and the cockblocker player hater interupts the conversation and destroys you chances of getting laid.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006
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An old-time golf fan who dislikes the legendary Gary Player, and most often prefers American heroes Jack Nickalus or Arnold Palmer.
Jedidiah: Dude, Jack Nickalus has won so many more major tournaments than Gary Player.

Jacob: Yo bro, don't be such a Player Hater!
by Chadly58 June 20, 2009
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A man who shows strong dislike against sexual deviants aka sluts. A believer in morals and making love to just one woman. Generally of greater maturity and intelligence then the average man, and very often better looking.
Yeah, I'm a player hater...you little sluts need to be castrated to stop spreading your disease. Losers.
by JackAllen February 22, 2005
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