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A preferred method of instant rape in the Halo series of console FPS games. Occurs when a plasma grenade delivered by a very lucky or highly skilled thrower directly contacts the body of an opponent. The grenade then gives the new owner a death omen in the form of a small beep and explodes miliseconds later, killing instantly without regard to the state of health. Overshield cannot even protect. It's arguably the most satisfying form of cornholing in all of Halo, especially if done across the map. Comparables are Killamonzaros, no scope beatdowns, mouthy 12-yr-old halo t-bagging, bulltrues, and zeit skeets.
Hart: "No scope beatdown I'm one in a mil."

Pigster: "Quit campin Hart, tell me you saw that plasy nade stick across the map."

Hart: "cool. Rape sauce."
by MilliganMan April 19, 2008
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