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-the process of collecting, gathering, and accumulating by any means enough miniscule pieces of weed to smoke.

-usually only occurs at the very end of a bag, when there is almost nothing left but you really want to toke up one more time.

-can be measured in total bowls, joints or blunts filled from your harvest, but bowls is most commonly used measurement
-while most farmers tend to simply use their fingers, advances in the field have included sheets of paper, rulers, and in one non-confirmed case, a statically-charge balloon electrically harvested the weed planktons.
"Yo, I got home from the bar last night pretty trashed, and I thought I was dry until I plankton farmed under my desk so I could smoke a bowl and fall asleep."

"I spilled the pipe last night but John did some speedy plankton farming and we didn't lose a crystal!"
by Devo and Dan February 19, 2010
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