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A pitbull mom is to be feared for a variety of reasons. She fights for the underdogs and fears no one. She is one of the strongest mom's you will ever meet. Her pitbulls are stubborn, bullheaded, and rebellious. Other mothers would fail, but a pitbull mom gains respect and loyalty from the most unique and dangerous breed. She will only ever rescue or own pitbulls because her soul aligns with theirs. The pitbull mom is a comeback kid herself, someone everyone doubted, however she has the last laugh. She is a rebel at heart herself. The pitbull mom should be the most respected, she has a gentleness about her soul that her pitbulls can feel. A pitbull mom will die for her babies, and her babies would die for her.
That girl is a badass, she is a pitbull mom.
by MJpitbullmom December 19, 2016
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