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Facial hair, being a beard, mustache, goatee, or chin beard grown by a male prior to attending a concert featuring a mosh pit in an attempt to look more intimidating, less weak, and therefore less prone to one on one attacks. The pit face process usually starts several weeks before the concert date as the excitement builds up to the show and the pit face is shaved off the morning after.
Daughter: Hey Dad you haven't shaved this week, whats going on?

Dad: I've got pit tickets for the big show next month and have started my pit face.
by ATDMan January 15, 2012
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When a Person gets another Person's ArmPITS on their FACE.
Friend: Did you just get PITFACED?
Person: Yes, I did. That tall girl with the tank top just turned and her Pits rubbed off on my face.
Friend: Damn, do you smell it?
Person: It did smell, now that sh*ts on my face.
by ImAnonymousPerson June 25, 2010
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