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The exponential effect of communicating a focused message through many different forms of advertising media with a very persuasive effect on beliefs and behavior.
The advertising campaign was communicated through a microsite, social media venues, viral video, print, grassroots events and out of home media. The Piranha Effect was amazing.
by Jason Bergeron April 16, 2008
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The term for when a guy gets a girlfriend and immediately becomes desired by other girls. It is a sociological phenomenon involving social status, showing that the man is okay to be desired. He has been approved by a sociological microcosm as a man who would make a good mate. It also involves competition, the guy is almost a prize now, something that can be won in a competition.

Once one piranha bites, they all swarm.
Single guy walks down hallway, girls barely notice. Guy gets with hottie and now girls can't stay away.

Guy's Friend: Man, the piranha effect worked wonders for him!
by wackojakko January 03, 2011
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