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Anime production company that specializes in the production of hentai OVAs

list of hentai made by them
by pink pineapple
A Girl in a Lower Grade (Kakyuusei)
After School Mania Club
Alien from the Darkness
Angel of Darkness 2,3,4
Angels in the Court 1,2
Anejiru The Animation
Beat Angel Escalayer
Binetsukko b37C The Animation
Bizarre Cage
Blackmail - Tomorrow Never Ends
Blackmail 2
Blackmail 2 New THE ANIMATION
Bondage Game
Bride of Darkness
Buttobi CPU (I Dream of Mimi)
Can Can Bunny
Can Can Bunny Extra
Casual Romance Club
Class Reunion - Yesterday Once More
Classmates 2 Special: Graduation (Doukyuusei 2 SPECIAL)
Dokyusei 2.
Countdown - Akira Saga
Countdown Conjoined!
D+Vine Luv
Desert Island Story
Desert Island Story X
Desert Island Story XX
Doukyuusei Climax
series Dokyusei
Dragon Knight: The Wheel of Time
Dragon Knight 4
Dragon Pink (Tale of Three Kitties)
Dragon Rider
Elufina (Servant Princess)
Elven Bride
End of Summer
End of Summer 1 (Dōkyūsei)
End of Summer 2 (Dōkyūsei 2)
F³ (Frantic, Frustrated, and Female)
First Loves (Kakyusei)
Gloria - Private Lesson
Hatsu Inu - Strange Kind of Woman - THE ANIMATION
Hininden Gausu
Hyakki - The Secret of Devil's Island
Idol of Darkness
Immoral Sisters
Immoral Sisters 1
Immoral Sisters 2
Immoral Sisters: Blossoming
Inmu series
Inmu - Feast of Victims
Inmu 2
Isaku series
Isaku Respect
Lesson of Darkness
Luv Wave
Kakyusei series
by toonman123 October 13, 2014
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