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Someone who has sex with pigeons. Usually competes in the sport of pigeon racing. Such a person keeps pigeons sex-starved in an attic for ages, then takes them away on a sultry foreign holiday to a love nest and tries to fuck them in the ass. After this, the pigeons fly away very quickly back to the loft. In this way, people can get the pigeons to race each other to be the first back to the loft.

Probable inspiration for the notorious porn series Stop the Pigeon, in which Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley tries to capture and rape an especially elusive pigeon.

Not to be confused with turkeystuffer, chicken choker, ravenraper, duckfucker or crowcrammer, nor with the more generic bird lover (see also chicken lover).
"Belgian police have swooped on the homes of pigeon fanciers, seizing large quantities of suspected performance-enhancing drugs." (report on the use of viagra)

"This blog charts the life and times of a somewhat cynical pigeon fancier who spends all his spare time either thinking about or racing pigeons." (website)
by Anuspounder June 12, 2008
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