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Phrase conceived from a night of horrendous drinking, pill popping, and weed toking.

The act of falling asleep with one's penis still inside the host vagina. Especially and most notably if the host's vagina is characterized as foul smelling with hints of vinegar, and for some odd reason, pickles. Thus, the smell of the ninja boot is seeping in and "pickling" your unit into acquiring its smell. Pine is a slang term for a male's pork steeple.

also heard as: Pickled Pine, Pine Pickler, Kelly Pickler, etc.

Copyright and use belongs to members of GMFS and phrase creator Erok(broken promises)
Jon: So how did that shit go down with that cumdumpster last night?

Kyle: I don't wanna talk about it.. but if you must know we got wasted, fucked, and then I ended up pickling the pine..

Jon: Fail.

I woke up with Pickled Pine this morning (insinuating subject's penis smells like rank cooter.)


I wouldn't touch that ass with a 10 foot pole. I heard you got a permanent pine pickler between them legs. (insinuating that not only does the female have a smelly ham wallet, but also that she has a venereal disease such as the herps or HIV.)


LOL, Kyle?! How did you and Kelly "PICKLER" get along last night?!?!?!11 OMyFuckingG Lolzzz!


Damn! She straight up Kelly Pickled your ass last night, dude!
by EROK (broken promises) April 23, 2008
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