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When a male has sex with a female that hasnt washed her vagina in a month and is overly covered in hair. The male then sticks his penis in her butt and leaves it there for several days as it pickles after passing out from dinking too much alcohol.
tomas: hey wanna party?
hippy girl: ya sure

they proceed to party without sleep for three days and end up in bed at the end of their partying.

tomas: oh your so hot lets have sex i think i can still get it up.
hippy girl: ok lets

1 hour later

tomas: i cant ejaculate but i might be able to if i enter your Buttocks.
hippy girl: ok

they continue until they both pass out for several days with his penis left inside her Buttocks.
his penis then pickles inside her.

tomas now has pickle dink.
by greg the kid December 06, 2007
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