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slutty straight women who pretend to be lesbians to make boys horny & erections but are really attention whores & very confused.

Phony lesbians are girls who have had too much alcohol who often experiment sexually with a roommate or a friend. As a result of their party lifestyle, they often become sexually confused & can't decide whether they are gay, straight, or bi. Phony lesbians can damage a relationship emotionally. They are mostly sluts who sleep around with other men & girls. Many of them are seen as the popular girls & are often quite dumb, so they become attention whores (pretending to be gay) to be popular. Though its every man's fantasy to see 2 girls make out, it should remain a fantasy!

Also known as: fake lesbians, pseudo-lesbians, attention whores; sluts; bi-curious
Phony lesbians aren't lesbians! They aren't even bisexual! They're attention whores!
by penis-mon January 02, 2010
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