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A phone booty call is when someone calls you very late at night typically after midnight just to talk to you and have a conversation. However, They'll only talk to you after midnight. Most people would call someone after midnight for a booty call but phone booty callers call after midnight just to talk on the phone. They won't speak to you the entire day unless it's midnight.
Girl: Hey !
Guy: *8 hours later when it's finally midnight* hey whats up ? i'm gonna call you
Girl: ok

The next day
Girl: *sends message at 2pm* Hey whats up?
Guy: *waits until midnight to answer back* Hey whats up ! let's talk on the phone
Girl: You only talk to me at midnight and you specifically wanna talk on the phone at that time and then ignore me the next day until midnight. You're using me as a phone booty call !
by Wassup456 May 29, 2017
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