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Pronounced (pet-iphil). One Phillip Bradt will become petaphil who stalks, and hits on young girls. A vicious predator known to ask black co-workers if they can date their daughters preferably between the ages of 10-17 years of age. You can also become familiar with a (Phillip-Bradt) if it is lurking directly in the shadows, and right behind its leaders so it may breath upon their necks in order to advance. If you come across The nicknamed and classified petiphil, you can contact your local mental health pest control facilities. If one comes into your work place don't talk to its leaders. They can't be trusted because the senior will be its best friend.
I saw a petiphil , Phillip Bradt, chasing a group of young girls at a high school! Call mental health pest control!
by Billy Mastakiss June 12, 2016
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