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A person that owns a Peugeot made after 1997 generally a bit of a fuckwit. These people are often bad drivers that cause a lot of issues on the roads of the UK.

Other Definitions may include a shit driver. someone lacking of driver experience.
Jeff. Hey John I bought a Peugeot 207

John. Oh bollocks mate your going to turn into a right Peugeot driver
Jeff cries every time......
by Donald The Dumper April 16, 2017
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Somebody who is a awful driver who cannot handle the pressure of a double mini roundabout or go round a corner without leaving the road, Peugeot drivers are also people who call all other road users ‘maniacs’ or ‘yobos’ For no reason what so ever
‘Oh no James, it’s a double mini roundabout, why is that maniac beeping at me’.
A Peugeot driver is somebody who has poor driving standards and a lack of spacial awareness.
by JH209 October 21, 2017
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