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a standardized wardrobe cultivated autonomously by the wearer/user. A personal uniform promotes consistency and commitment to ownership of clothing and wear, reducing waste of material, energy and time.
Mel: Hey Toni want to go shopping at Forever 21 on Saturday?
Toni: No thanks, I have a personal uniform.

Sydney: Ugh! I have nothing to wear.
Erin: Are you sure about that? What about those black slacks that look great on you?
Sydney: I wore them yesterday. I can't wear them again.
Erin: Says who? You probably care more about what you wear than others.
Sydney: Maybe you're right. I could pair them differently.
Erin: That's the spirit! A personal uniform are practical garments that serve you first and help you save time and energy.
by NovemberAlphaTango February 29, 2016
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