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1. A cheap snitch face that people pull when they are annoyed about something or they are just a dickhead/wanker/fucker. It is similar to the face that people pull when they are sucking a peppermint. They usually have thin lips, a dirty nose and a combination of dry and oily skin.
1. i went to the petrol station and the fat hezbollah at the store had a sook and had a peppermint face when i gave him papua new guinea money when i was buying hubba bubba

2. lonwabo tsotsobe: what's wrong with frederick?

tillakaratne dilshan: he is just a typical peppermint..

lonwabo tsotsobe: i heard you like to peck out his blackheads like a bird for worms while he's sleeping

tillakaratne dilshan: fuck mann i told mum not to tell anyone. the slut.
by sir duffington 1 July 21, 2009
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