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all is well most of the pepole on this site who are talkin about this must be young and the only place i know were crips and pepole's are aligned is in seattel wash. and them dudes got shit fucked up if T roger's started B.P.S. in L.A. and he came from chicago's woodlawn hyde park kenwood area then the B.P.S. in L.A. are direct brothers to B.P.S.N. they just are not governed under the same dean and if you dont understand or overstand that then you probly should stop reading this in fact im gonna leave it like that before i get mad and yes this is B.P.S. fuck the rest stone run it 20 keys to the moes all is well oh yea young bloods fine your roots and you will overstand and learn the true drawings PEACE & LOVE S.T.L. EL LOVE
pepoles nation
by Prince Abu EL April 26, 2009
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