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When one of your annoying friends that spends way too much time on facebook corrects your spelling. Obviously trying to call you out on simple forgotten grammar and spelling mishaps that may have occurred while you were quickly trying to comment/post something.

For those of us who have lives no big deal, for the peer editor, this is their shinning moment! To find a flaw in a hay stack of post. You go peer editor! You go!..right back to community college and peer edit while on your iphone in your class of students all 5 years younger than you.
Example of a peer edit:

Facebook thread:

Facebook post by a normal person, to a normal person: Hey jenny Ill see you tonight around 8, hope your going to make it!

Random asshole that has nothing to do, commenting on a comment: *I'll and *you're..I mean come on what are you in 5th grade!!! where are you guys going? Can I come?
by Crystal Szabo July 06, 2010
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