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Peepee burgers come from the depths of cold hard space. They are originally formed in the rings of Saturn, where they develop a longing for caca burgers. They will often travel for light years around the universe searching for a suitable one, not knowing caca burgers may only exist on Earth, specifically in Pennsylvania, USA. Peepee burgers are formed when space dust accumulates enough frozen urine around it, that it forms an ice-dust mass, similar to a meteorite. This ice-dust mass forms its own force of gravity from traveling around empty space. This gravity pulls in dust that is traveling around as well, essentially forming the buns on the side of the peepee burger. Upon completion, the peepee burger turns around, and sets course for Earth, usually landing on the tin roof of the hillbillies dwelling in pennsylvania. there they form a close bond with caca burgers, and often marry and have kids.
"Did you see that huge peepee burger streaking across the sky?"
"That is one smelly peepee burger"
"That guy looks like a peepee burger"
by Jack Bundy July 13, 2009
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