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1.A person who is slow to react and is sometimes too stupid to carry on intelligent conversation.

2.Attempting to be low-key, and failing miserably.

3.Out of it, not thinking clearly, and to feel extremely
lost or beaten from one's insult.
Man, that fool just peel't your ass!
by 2buck December 30, 2009
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adj. - the highest level of a shredded physique, describes an aesthetic physique accompanied by striations, vascularity, and incredible genetic muscle definition; so muscularly developed and vascular that an individual may resemble a walking erection
Bro 1: "That guy fucks"
Bro 2: "What makes you say that?"
Bro 1: "Dude he's peelt as fuark"

Girl: "Ew, babe look at all of your veins in your arms, that's gross"
Guy: "It's cause I'm fucking peelt like a sick cunt mate, wait til you see my dick veins"
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by Gold's Lighting October 27, 2017
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When one is extremely high. Often in public
I just come out the bathroom after doing a big ol' shot. My head was Peelt
by Dr.peeltgood April 19, 2017
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OMG are you going to the club? Heard it's gonna be peelt
by miss lyss July 15, 2017
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An extremely good time, such as turnt, but one level deeper.
This party is going to be soooo peelt!
by swimninja July 15, 2017
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