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The premier boyband of the 90's and 2000's, Peabody and the Boys Changed music. Selling out arenas worldwide and leaving a throng of nubiles in their wake, these pioneering geniuses were the musical zeitgeist of the turn of the century. These living legends also have an extensive catalog of songwriting credits writing for less-talented, but also notable acts such as Luke Bryan, The Beatles, Dr. Dre, Matisyahu, Michael Jackson, and more. Their musical influences include each other and their longtime opening act, the Jigga Bros. Their all-time record sales worldwide are ranked the number of virginities they claimed.
Did you see Britney Spears lose her mind and shave her head after Jason from Peabody and the Boys told her she was a seven in his book?

I sold my newborn for Peabody and the Boys tickets, and that was a steal.

When God speaks to His angels, He tells them they have the voice of a Peabody.
by The Real PB July 17, 2018
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