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"De best sandvich evahr"

- A. Schwarzenegger

It is traditionally a closed face sandwich (but not limited to) composed of peanut butter on BOTH of the inside halves, turkey in the middle and cheddar cheese to top it off.

some forms of the pb turk n' chee have the bread toasted as seen in the Canadian pb turk n' chee. Also seen with melted cheese in the Italian pb turk n' chee. Many variations exist.

tied closely with "Jables" of Tenacious D more commonly know as Jack Black. His mention of the jr. western bacon chee led to the inception of the pb turk n' chee some years later.

Bless the D in the name of the Dio the Meatloaf and the Holy diver.

"man i'm fuckin hungry. lemme check the fridge

Dude, wheres my pb turk n' chee?

wake up you asshole!"

"whahahaheaugh what!"

"you ate my fuckin' pb turk n' chee"

" well if you put it in there, its fair game, for anyone who wants to eat it"

excerpt from karate pb turk n' chee
by Zamcar mattki October 14, 2010
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