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Paul Higgins is One Directions fabulous tour manager! He doe s everything for the boys! When Liam Payne decides to take time off from being daddy direction Paul steps in! Without him...
-Hard objects would be thrown on stage.
-Louis Tomlinson would wreck the stadiums
-Harry Styles would pour water on everyone and buy 1,000,000 cats
-Zayn Malik would never get out of bed
-Niall Horan would go onstage naked (Thanks again Paul. :/ JK)
-Liam would spend the whole concert twitcamming instead of performing, in a batman costume

But he loves the boys and he loves the fans, especially the calm ones.
Person 1 (fake fan): Paul Higgins is so mean. He wouldn't let me hug Zain or Neil!

Directioner: What did you say about Paul???!?!?!?!?!

Person 1: Ya, I saw him yesterday! Anyways he is so mea-

Directioner: You saw Paul Higgins?!? (Fan girls forever)
by Panic!AtTheDisco01234 July 09, 2016
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