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n. 1. A derogatory term used to describe an opponent; usually within the context of a fighting game, where the player's general gameplay skill consists of only a short set of fairly predictable, overused, or repetitive attack sequences which are easily solved, countered, and defended against. However, against novice players, such patterns can be highly irritating and can cause significant damage, leaving the pattern punk with an overinflated sense of his own skill, which in turn causes him to continue to use the same sequences over and over, believing that anyone who beats him must be playing "cheap", without seeing the limitations of his own abilities.
"That pattern punk was so easy to beat, I perfected him with 80 seconds left on the clock both rounds."

"Ugh! That pattern punk just kept doing that same thing again, and now I'm out of quarters!"
by TheWarlock July 06, 2005
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