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it is a vicious and brutal game played on swings, featuring 2 pummelers and one poopenmire. the reward for winning the 7 round game is one sweet, usally a shrbert lemon.
the pummelers can attach knifes to their shoes in round 6, but they must be 5% blunt, and plastic. snakes can also be used if preffered.
if you would like to see this glorious sport in action please see youtube.

no people are ever seriously harmed in the playing of this game, accept thins one time when luke fell down and got kicked alot. but that was kind of funny.
grim reaper 'ohhh i think we got another load of work boys, there is going to be another path of destiny tourniment'

grim reaper 2 'ohh, i remember the last one we had-what a couple of months'

grim reaper3 'i no, i got my wife something nice from the catalogue'
by bee&mays florist October 17, 2008
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