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Holy hotness! This guy is a singer in the boyband Beyond 5. His full name is Terrence Patrick Crowe III, but he goes by Patch. He is from Brisbane, Australia. Aside from singing, Patch enjoys reading, playing sports, and taking showers (he said it himself on twitter.) He has perfect blond hair, blue eyes, an amazing voice, and has a smolder comparable to that of Flynn Rider's from the movie Tangled. He is a really sweet and funny person. You will often catch him laughing at himself onstage. Patch is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also gives THE BEST hugs ever. Whoever ends up with him will be one lucky girl.
"I went to a Beyond 5 concert and got serenaded by Patch Crowe!" *falls over and dies of happiness*

"Did you see Patch Crowe shimmy up on stage during the Beyond 5 concert? He is the best dancer!"
by beyond5_fangirls January 19, 2014
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