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A person who has a passive fascination with gothic subjects (the night, despair, the night, wearing black, Hot Topic, Tim Burton, the night, etc.), but compared to an active goth, could not be identified as goth immediately on sight. They tend to not take the more dramatic lifestyle commonly associated with other goths, and are considered "moderate" in comparison. Can usually be identified by wearing all black and/or having a dark sense of humor. Not to be confused with emos or beatniks.
"You see that guy over there?"
"The art student in a black sweater and sunglasses."
"Oh, you mean the passive goth."
"Passive goth?"
"Yeah, you know, a goth that you wouldn't think was a goth till you ask them about how their day went. Shit gets creepy really quick."
by The Logical Fallacy July 08, 2016
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