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A common specie of Human often located in universities and high schools around the world. The transformation from a homo- sapien to a partius animalus can often happen when people are exposed to substances such as Bacardi 151, Courvoisier, or even Cannabis. The basic characteristics of the species are very party orientated, e.g. excessive partying, hardcore partying, alcoholism, drug addiction, schizophrenia, and even infertility. When in conflict with an angered member of the partius animalus species, the best course of action is to provide them with large quantities of alcohol, or allow them to listen to extremely loud, hardcore electro.
Stuart: Hey Paul, do you think we should ask those guys over there to turn the music down? They've been playing it for almost 5 days now!
Paul: Nah, they're hardcore partius animalus we should just let them get on with the party until they die.
by ELECTROHEAD April 26, 2011
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